Wednesday, June 4, 2008

The trip to Union station in DC

I do NOT like to go places I have never been driving myself, even if I am a passenger and have been on the trip many times! My husband usually takes care of the driving and I tell him he is going the wrong way, or slow down, or just whatever I feel like! Alas, he had a meeting and I was on my own....I did have my daughter and one of my sons and a Garmin...but still not the same. We made it with 35 minutes to spare and then I forced myself to buy some much needed items at L'Occitane. We got our lunch at the corner go, of course! My number 3 child and I sat in the car in the parking garage, pigging out. He has Aspergers and sensory overload was kicking in, thus the car. We then turned our Garmin on and heard recalculating many times..called my hubby for back up and began our trip back home. There was quite a bit of screaming..on my I knew I was lost and well I scream and say I am lost. Poor child #3 tries to calm me but I am way gone...We are now home from a white knuckle drive. My head is throbbing ......I need a perin tablet. Got that from the Birdcage movie......I watch it on a weekly saves my sanity.

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Alice ~ Folk Art Primitives said...

Hi there ~ always glad to read a new blog ~ I started mine a few weeks ago and I love it ~ you will too!! Sounds like you have lots to share with us ~ life can get pretty hectic, hm? I will stay tuned for more adventures!! Happy blogging ~ ALice