Sunday, June 29, 2008


I am itching, yes itching..... I am having an allergic reaction to my work environment....well...maybe not....but I am itching. I have hives from head to toe right now. I have taken 50mg of benadryl so will hopefully calm down. It's more of a nerves to hive see the big cast iron bathtub upstairs...well...PF tells me something is is the pipe and plumbers they are not the itching..the hives...a circle of love. When I had gutted the upstairs bathroom I had that heavy tub on its side and put much effort in getting the "sticky tile like crap" off of it. It was reattached to said plumbing by a friend. I thought all was right with the 4 years down the road a pipe is leaking. No way can I flip that baby on its side..not the plumber. I'll have another attack of hives tomorrow or whenever "the plumber" comes as they rule in this universe. If you are a plumber, please forgive me I only jest...but I still have itchy hives........................... Oh the picture is a before the demolition.

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