Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Retro apron

My daughter (#2 ) wanted a retro apron...well I am in the process of sewing it. She had picked out the material earlier. I have got to get it done before the 8th, which doesn't leave me much time. Not to worry #2 it will happen......
Sweet PF comes home Friday night, thank heavens, as I have missed him! He saw alot of destruction with the trees in Baton Rouge. For those wondering his job title, State Urban and Community Forest Coordinator as well as task specialist and team leader for the urban forest strike team (which is what he is doing now)..............in other words he is a tree hugging, environmental lover. OK I said it...not much in the way of salary, we can thank the present party in office as they do not believe in environmental issues.......I'll get off my soapbox now.

Tree teams work to save South's storm-hit canopies
In the wake of Katrina, which brought down 1,800 trees in Mobile alone in 2005, foresters across the South decided to do something about the threat.
They formed "urban forest strike teams" in most Southern states to help communities evaluate and save damaged trees after a storm. They also provide guidance on what kind of trees to plant and how to prune them to reduce wind damage.
"We're right now talking about Baton Rouge, where a large area got hammered" by Hurricane Gustav on Sept. 1, said Eric A. Kuehler, a technology specialist with Athens, Ga.-based Urban Forestry South, a part of the U.S. Department of Agriculture. The teams will "look at hazard trees that didn't completely fail, but have cracks."
While debris removal begins almost immediately after a storm passes through, the urban foresters try to keep that cleanup from extending to trees that can be saved.
"After a storm people get chain-saw happy and cut everything down," Kuehler said

Friday, September 26, 2008

It's late, home from work/diaper bag done

I am too tired to show more but it does have "elephant ears". It was made from the material that was left over from quilt. It will stand up by self...I put pockets in it for the bottles. I have huge headache and must go to bed to get up again in 5 hours. So goodnight all..............

Monday, September 22, 2008

just filler

I think I may have finally gotten the creeping crud. I have been fighting it for four days and will continue. I hate to worship the porcelain toilet! I am eating ginger like candy....it is suppose to settle stomachs. We will see......

My sweet PF left on an airplane for nearly 2 weeks....to save the trees.........I miss him already.......
I'm still forcing myself to walk.......even though I feel like puke...are you reading this #2 child?!

Friday, September 19, 2008


We finally had the last two windows installed for our money pit / retirement home............. I will have to post pictures later (Monday) as I have to get child #4 then hit the road...........

Tuesday, September 16, 2008


It seems I spend a great deal of my free time cleaning. Why is that?? I believe it is the OCD coming out. I am now doing the annual fall cleaning. Save me now from myself, as I clean the windows, bleach (yes, I bleach) the window sills, wash curtains, wash the walls, the trim etc... I HAVE to do this, it is in my genetic makeup. I have tried to sit it out, but I just can't. The dogs look at me and whine, "why are you doing this?" The "young adults" go not now, can't you wait, why?

I think I will blame my mother, she did this with her traditional fall and spring cleaning. She was worse than I have ever aspired to be......I can remember her cleaning the corners with a toothbrush....gesh! I remember after having my first baby she came to "visit" and actually took her fingers and went across the door tops to check for dust. I always wondered if she "checks" from heaven? You never know...........Hopefully I will past inspection.

So, that is my sickness, I am a clean freak! I feel better getting that off my chest.

My office/sewing/rug hooking room..is cleaned once a week...the least of the other rooms.......that keeps me from going over the edge....

The bathrooms, another story....whenever I am in one of them I am cleaning. More than likely that is because 3 young men and one "old" man, by the name of PF can't hit the toilet. What is it with that?????????

So, I will end for now....think of me often...I'll be cleaning............................

Friday, September 12, 2008

Mr. Chauncey

This is our cardigan corgi...Chauncey.
I have to get off this computer and get ready for the weekend, plus try to finish the diaper bag. The shower is this weekend but I don't think I'm going to make it!

great deal

Since I try to be a spend thrift shopper...oh brother...I do try!
I found this wonderful stainless steel table (with shelf underneath) used at a restaurant supply store. I got it for 100 dollars verses the 600 dollar one. Not bad, huh? I make my bread and well everything on it. Sometimes I want to hug it.....it is a dream to roll dough on!!!!!!!

pictures of my "junk"

My grandmother started me down the road of these 1920 motto's......

My mother got me started down this road

Thursday, September 11, 2008


Thought you would like to experience my walk thing in the morning. This is across my street. Hope you can see the mountains.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008


I haven't been on much as of late. My youngest has a viral bug affecting his stomach and head. At first, he told me that my food had given him food poison. I'm was, repeat WAS feeling terrible and guilty doing such a thing. My brain went duh, you idiot, no one else is sick with the BIG D, pukes, and headache. I found that it is going from child to child at the school...gifts, I like to call them. Hand washing has become a lost art with the youngest. He actually was feeling better this past Sunday, then PF cooked the dinner (remember, I don't stay here on the weekend...work) and he got sick all over again. This time it appears worse....I think I am going to pop a liter of fluid in him. Sometimes having a nurse for a mom can be a good thing or bad, depends on your opinion I suppose..................

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Enough of the mush.....

It looks like another trip will be planned, but I will not have to be the driver. I am very happy! In October we plan to pick up child #2 at college for her fall break and bring home for a few days. The trouble comes when she has to go back. Dear Lord, help me now! It looks like I will be doing the Union Station trip again. Go here to read about that adventure....http://thegingerbreadhouse-lindy.blogspot.com/2008/06/trip-to-union-station-in-dc.html

The one good thing I will once again force myself to stop by L'Occitane.
This is a rug that I hooked with child #2 we will talk about that experience later.
The rug is a pattern from Jeanne Benjamin....it is her wool also.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

This is for you sweet one.............

This for my sweet baby girl, my gift from heaven! Child, you will never, ever know what having you has done for me! When your baby brother died, I died with him. You brought your Mama back to the land of living! God gave me an angel in you, truly! You have been the one I have always counted on to take care of brother #3 and you always did/do! You are our Oodles of boodles! You read this whenever you feel blue.

Love your Mama (I'll try not to embarrass you too much)

Monday, September 1, 2008

Ahhhhh cooking for the family....

Yes, cooking for picky, picky eaters.... Always a fun experience! PF will eat anything I put in front of him because, 1. he loves me? 2. he is afraid of my wrath 3. I have other ways of torture....I will leave that to your imagination. Now, for the children (teenagers and young adults) forget about it!!!!! Why did you put onions in this? Why are there gross peppers in here? Yuk, tomatoes... These were a few of the comments I got this morning in my feeble attempt to make a "different" breakfast. So, I will go back to the old standbys......the usual fare.......#3 son likes eggs, but only with cheese and it has to be a special kind of cheese. He also likes raisin bran crunch, once again it HAS to be the brand name, not the store brand...remember we have Asperger's and this is one of his quirks. Right now "we" are liking Raisin bran crunch, morning, noon, and night, with dabs of peanut butter thrown in. Now I digress....son #4 thinks anything with green color or red or orange or pink or well, get the picture? He believes it will take him down to the depths of hell.....poison food..... So, I tried something "different" I'll do this again in a few months so stay tuned for those results.....till then.... Now I will go do my walk thing and expunge this morning from my mind.............................