Friday, November 15, 2013

Checking in

I am hooking this rug of mine as fast as possible but as usual it looks like I will not get it done by December 17th!  I am also trying to get all my quilt things done....who am I kidding????????    
On another note,  Rotator cuff repair December 17, my dawling says lets plan a trip.....really....I mean really?!  Sooooooo, in a most sarcastic voice I said you know, why don't we plan to leave the 18th!  He said OK, you can sleep in the car??????
This is the same man that said to me, oh so many years ago (on vaca with the youngest barely 3 years) .......hold on to your pants now...I fell down a bunch of concrete stairs and realized if I didn't take the hit with my shoulder, my head would crack open and well, then we would have a as I am sitting trying to hold it together as the 7 year old was crying....the dawling said and I quote, "are you hurt, can you get up, can we go".  Now I had cracked the head of my humerus and torn my cuff and fractured my ankle.  We did continue on our vacation after the ED sweet 8 year old would go in the shower and hold my elbow up so I could wash my hair,  at the time they thought my ankle was fine.....I knew different...when we finally got home found it was broken. So yes, we will be traveling after my surgery...apparently I roll that way.........literally!
the end........