Sunday, November 30, 2008

The ART Show Of #2 child

The first picture...the cardboard thing with the hole..NO, she did not create...BUT... it gave me pause .....One must remember I was extremely sick with a head cold (brain pickled in The Night Time NyQuil ) and on my second bottle of said two days....lets just say I was drinking from the bottle ....the hell with the cap/measuring thing...if a small amount works..more will really work.....I really don't remember the trip. .........OK? (click on pictures they will get bigger...promise) She had more but I was lost in a sea of pickled protoplasmic brain dodo..........

Monday, November 24, 2008

Leaving on a car ride...............

Nothing like leaving on a car trip with your brain full of snot! I have my NyQuil in one hand and a big box of tissues. I feel dizzy and crappy and generally like a blob of protoplasm saturated in an alcohol based medium. OK? Get the picture? Not a pretty one....oh, no washy the hair since Saturday either. I am seriously thinking of going in my nightgown/sweatpants. Now that presents a rather sexy picture......
Happy Turkey day! I'll be cooking with my latex free gloves......No spreading of those damn cold germs!

Friday, November 21, 2008

Going on a trip

We're getting ready to go on a quick jaunt to pick up #2 at Bard College. Nothing like a road trip to chase the blues away! Have to work the weekend and will leave late afternoon on Monday. Something to look forward to!!!!!!! I should say, this is a picture of one of the dorms.

Monday, November 17, 2008

Happy Birthday

We love you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So glad you moderated!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, November 14, 2008

Very small mat/rug I'm hooking

I always wondered whatever happened to Jen of Ballyhoo...remember her? Anyway, she sent me this pattern for my valentine exchange on snippets about 5 years ago. I finally decided to hook it. I just adored the pattern, plus it was also my birthday the next was special. Miss Jacque sent me the pink colored wool also. I have always intended to incorporate it into this mat. On a side note this is the same rug I was hooking when the scissors fell into my thigh..lesson NOT stick your thigh out to catch scissors!
I'm afraid it is taking me forever to complete! As usual my time comes in spits and spurts! I want to finish a large fine cut of my Golden's I started MANY years back. I also have to start on another baby quilt after Christmas or before if possible.
Now, off to walk this rather dreary morning...then work.....................

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

update on porch

Slow but sure progress! The weather needs to stay warm just a few more weeks, that's all I ask for!

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Stupid is as stupid does

I had a few hours to kill so I decided to do some hooking. I have been using The Hasty frame for so long I forgot how slanted the puritan frame is. Anyway guess what I just did??? Oh yea baby I am stupid.......I stabbed myself with my very pointed scissors. It was sticking out of my thigh. I would say went in about one inch and about an inch wide. Damn me! I cleaned it up and put steri strips on and antibiotic ointment. I probably should have time!!!!! Good as new..nearly. I am a walking time bomb. Now off to work...feel sorry for me?! My fat thigh HURTS!


It seems we will not be heading out this weekend to Bard. Due to circumstances beyond my control it will now be the 24Th. So we will see #2's art display and pick her up for Thanksgiving Break to come home. I kind of wanted to go earlier as PF HAS to listen to me in the car ,where would he hide? Under the steering wheel? Sometimes I have diarrhea of the mouth and just talk and talk aimlessly. Kind of what I'm doing right now. Child #2 your Birthday cake will come in mail.... you don't have much longer..............
I thought I would throw in a picture of #3's sword thing for Kendo.
Now I have to get my butt out to do the walk thing...I just love to do my makes me feel sooooooo young. Not really, I just think of all the things I could be doing while walking and sweating. Of course then there is work tonight...I just love that too...............

Monday, November 3, 2008

This N that

Life has been on the busy side here in the "valley". My #3 got a part time job in a family owned book store. Life is getting better for him! He is still taking 7 credits at our local community college. Next semester we are thinking he might be able to handle 9 credits!

My PF has had a go with the damn kidney stones again! He can go for months then boom.... Poor thing! I will tell a "secret" (no one tell) once a long time ago...well about 2 years ago...he had to have stents placed. Those that go down that is painful..either way! OK, OK, get back on track..... WELLLLLLLL...he went back into the urologist office and (I am evil at times...forgive me I couldn't resist) You women out there, you know those damn stirrups on the table...are you starting to get the picture? NO? Well, I told him he had to put his feet in them, for the procedure. when said physician came in Mr. PF put feet in stirrups and all hell broke loose...thee doctor looked at me and cracked up, Mr PF turned bright red and well I nearly peed on myself. Sometimes I kill myself...............Remember don't tell....................

I have joined/started a cleaning focus group, only I belong to it. The house on the outside is getting better. It has taken nearly 4 years and all the windows have been replaced. The porch floor is also getting replaced with tong and groove fir (spelling is not my forte).

We go to Bard College on the 10Th or late very late November 9Th to see #2's art display. Yes, pictures will be taken...............until the next odd moment...............
Oh, I am working on a small rug for a table top...will post later..