Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Hello spring

Some of the flowers came from my yard.
The picture below is from my BIG 60 party.  I love this purple vase!
The end......that's all I got

Monday, March 17, 2014

Back to work I go

Well, I start back this week....mixed feelings, but money always wins me over.  Six more years then semi retirement...... My dawling is retiring in 33 months (yes, he is counting it down)!
I didn't get anything done these past 12 weeks....pain, and PT took my life over.  I did start maybe 10 different projects....never to complete more than likely.......
Oh, we got nearly 10 more inches of the white stuff...where are you spring? 

Monday, March 3, 2014

Weather is the same as previous month

Nothing different, we are still in Winter...only the month changedPrevious picture of snow applies here...I have a feeling our heating bill will change.  I really would love this weather if I didn't have a gimp shoulder.  I can't do a lot of what I would love to do in the snow...so I sit, and sit.  Sometimes I work on simple needlework projects, but frankly, my mind gets bored after a whileReading gets boringpretty much a lot of things get boring.  My dawling took me to the Philly garden show...and to see our daughter....only my dawling was getting over a very bad case of Norovirus, then came down with a bad head cold...so that was that!  We are home, watching the snow,

he is in bed sleeping.  I am here.  Pictures I did take............

Thursday, February 13, 2014

The BIG snow

So far we have 16 inches....might pick up one to three by the end of the day.  As of now the snow has stopped!
I turn 60 this Saturday, my brain says NO WAY, my body says, "YES way!"

  I want that snake ring sooooo bad!!!!!!!
Updated my long rug
Picture of Max...used salt brine mix to clean deck for dogs.  The devil, poop eating Digby!

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Working on new Baltimore pattern

Since I am unable to use my arms for sewing on my machine or rug hooking I have gone back to hand sewing.  Needleturn for my new quilt.  I have posted a picture of an old pattern 12 inches (heart) then my new one which is huge (22 inches) I will make 22 of them.  The wreath is the first......... Plus added pictures of quilt bag I made for the girls I work with on the weekends.  I still have 3 more to go but until I can get back into the machine I will be doing needleturn.


Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Yeah, it's me

Had my surgery, it was great!  My BP took a dive so I was flooded with fluids (TEN pounds worth)...peed on selfthen threw up...it was marvelous....As I am getting ready to leave, I decided it was imperative to have my bra on......why, tell me, do I think like that....forget the bra...let them hang!  So, the next saga begins.....I don't take medications with codeine or hydrocodone as they make me ITCH like a crazy fool!!  I have been taking lots of motrin and it works...the ice is the best!
 We have NO tree this year, few if any decorations, as I will be unable to take down until  February.  I kind of like that, Christmas has gotten so crazy.

I will leave with a small token for those kind enough to read my ridiculous blog...

Friday, November 15, 2013

Checking in

I am hooking this rug of mine as fast as possible but as usual it looks like I will not get it done by December 17th!  I am also trying to get all my quilt things done....who am I kidding????????    
On another note,  Rotator cuff repair December 17, my dawling says lets plan a trip.....really....I mean really?!  Sooooooo, in a most sarcastic voice I said you know, why don't we plan to leave the 18th!  He said OK, you can sleep in the car??????
This is the same man that said to me, oh so many years ago (on vaca with the youngest barely 3 years) .......hold on to your pants now...I fell down a bunch of concrete stairs and realized if I didn't take the hit with my shoulder, my head would crack open and well, then we would have a mess....so as I am sitting trying to hold it together as the 7 year old was crying....the dawling said and I quote, "are you hurt, can you get up, can we go".  Now I had cracked the head of my humerus and torn my cuff and fractured my ankle.  We did continue on our vacation after the ED trip.....my sweet 8 year old would go in the shower and hold my elbow up so I could wash my hair,  at the time they thought my ankle was fine.....I knew different...when we finally got home found it was broken. So yes, we will be traveling after my surgery...apparently I roll that way.........literally!
the end........