Monday, March 17, 2014

Back to work I go

Well, I start back this week....mixed feelings, but money always wins me over.  Six more years then semi retirement...... My dawling is retiring in 33 months (yes, he is counting it down)!
I didn't get anything done these past 12 weeks....pain, and PT took my life over.  I did start maybe 10 different projects....never to complete more than likely.......
Oh, we got nearly 10 more inches of the white stuff...where are you spring? 

Monday, March 3, 2014

Weather is the same as previous month

Nothing different, we are still in Winter...only the month changedPrevious picture of snow applies here...I have a feeling our heating bill will change.  I really would love this weather if I didn't have a gimp shoulder.  I can't do a lot of what I would love to do in the I sit, and sit.  Sometimes I work on simple needlework projects, but frankly, my mind gets bored after a whileReading gets boringpretty much a lot of things get boring.  My dawling took me to the Philly garden show...and to see our daughter....only my dawling was getting over a very bad case of Norovirus, then came down with a bad head that was that!  We are home, watching the snow,

he is in bed sleeping.  I am here.  Pictures I did take............