Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Yeah, it's me

Had my surgery, it was great!  My BP took a dive so I was flooded with fluids (TEN pounds worth)...peed on selfthen threw up...it was marvelous....As I am getting ready to leave, I decided it was imperative to have my bra on......why, tell me, do I think like that....forget the bra...let them hang!  So, the next saga begins.....I don't take medications with codeine or hydrocodone as they make me ITCH like a crazy fool!!  I have been taking lots of motrin and it works...the ice is the best!
 We have NO tree this year, few if any decorations, as I will be unable to take down until  February.  I kind of like that, Christmas has gotten so crazy.

I will leave with a small token for those kind enough to read my ridiculous blog...