Monday, February 23, 2009

This and that agin?

Well, lets see, what do I write today? I am nearly done with a small (very small) rug for a table or something. It was actually a sweet birthday gift from a rughooker 5 years ago. I remember...cause that is when I turned 50. I will post a picture when done..who knows maybe by the end of the week?

I made a rather simple, cheap dinner tonight for the "4 boys". You wonder..what was it? OK, I'll tell...only because of the pressure. Beans and rice with a side of gross sausages..yuk! Hey, they loved it...who cares. I saute an onion and garlic, threw in black beans.....then took it all out and put in some gross red wine that has been dedicated to the cooking area. Put it all back and mixed. Here is the easy part....minute rice, yes minute rice...they love it... I used the low sodium chicken broth added more water then the rice....follow directions on the box....EASY! In the mean time fried the yuk sausages separately. Done and I mean DONE. Left it on the stove, told them boys come and get this "stuff". I came back down after cleansing my soul and hair with the wonderful La'Occitane...gone... they ate it all! Now, if I had busted butt on a fancy dancy meal....their noses would be soooo high. Goes to show....whatever that saying is that my brain can't remember because it is old!!!!

A funny movie I rented... Keeping Mum..... wonderful..dry it has that wonderful "Mr. Bean" in it!

Seems like that is enough wasted space......till next time.....

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

I am alwaying forgetting the camera.....

We had a wonderful Monday! I spent money...doing my part to help the country. My Birthday was Sunday, but, knew we were taking son #3 to Bethesda for a "voice over class" (we all need dreams) soooooo.... After making sure everything was OK with the #3 we went to Leesburg outlet, specifically Williams Sonoma. Heaven.... I was in heaven.....on top of sales it was discounted another 10%. I refrained from big eyed really...I held back...somewhat. Then off to the Crate and Barrel...ahhhhhh.... then I got wrapped up in the Coach store, but came to my senses and left. I stocked up on my lotion at Crabtree and Evelyn. I was done....2.75 hours not bad! The hubby was in shopping shock...too badddd. Of course, we then had to go to Union Station and grab a sweet lunch and drop some bucks at La keeps my youth...I am 55 now.
So, that was my day, I had fun. Son #3 had a OMG wonderful day too. The hubby he got to see me smile...OK, I added the dramatic ending with the smile. I only went down "memory lane" once...he was thrilled. Memory lane is when I ask him...when did you know I was the one.....why did you marry me...was I BEAUTIFUL.... did you look at my eyes first or my body, etc...He hates memory lane.............I LIKE memory lane!!!!

Saturday, February 14, 2009

you choose and Happy Birthday to me

I think I would rather be near the water.  We have had some really nice warm days but I'm yearning for the view of water.
Mr. PF is having a baddddd time since his eye surgery.  I believe he is now sick with a head cold.  What to do, what to do.  
I am going to be a lazy, Daisy tomorrow..... Alfredo will get me cooking, no cleaning, no nothing...I will walk though..have to do that damn walk thing.......

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

The eye surgery

OK, looks like the simple left muscle eye surgery is turning into my nightmare!!!!!  Why, tell me why, can women walk through hell and back and men forget it!  His eye feels like sand is in it, he is going bonkers.  Drugs, we need drugs, anything to knock him OUT!  Save me now cow cause I need it!   Maybe I will make him a very strong lemon drop martini ...yea, that's what I'll do!!!

On another note I'll leave you with the mermaid I got from Maine......  Everyone was outside today I was in....

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Painting of the outside...nearly done!

This is our nearly completed money pit. The picture at the top...that is my next rebuilt and dig a drain for diverting water. I am really pleased with the whole thing! The up part of the stairs will be painted white. We have spent thousands...yep you heard me in Benjamin Moore paint. (that's with a discount). I am never going to be done with this lady but it is looking better. People are stopping and checking out our one picture a person had stopped their car to see if I was a reporter taking pictures of this old lady. I had just gotten back from my walk and did not look like a reporter! I think said person was being nosey....

Hubby has surgery tomorrow on his eye muscle...not a big deal...the wife will be the driver......

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Snow .... heavenly last......

The first picture is #2, it was taken back in the beginning of January......She was making cookies, not for us...we got the mistakes.....maybe 10.......

The next 3 pictures are of our 3.5 inches of snow...yes snow! I like the middle picture it looks romantic...NO?

I just got back from boosting our economy...glasses and some La' Occitane..."may wee?" (french... you know??)

Monday, February 2, 2009


The story begins....Wolfie needed a get- away, he wanted Chauncey to come with him. Of course, Chauncey knew that he would have to fight for the bed, he lost. The old lady, Molly stayed home. The humans are still wondering what was the point?