Monday, December 29, 2008

Happy Birthday

This is my #3's day...he turned 20. Bless him.....he has had a hard time this little one, now 20. Asperger's, one can NEVER put them in the same box, each one reacts differently. He is my sweet me, always surprising me with the vast knowledge base he has! Bless him! Oh, in the bottom PF only told me recently he was giving a talk and #3 ran off somewhere in the park. Big swallow hard there...everyone went looking for him, after an hour or so out he walks. He was looking for Lucky. Here Lucky, Lucky ....remember the fisher price movie from the late 80's? He was looking for THAT Lucky! Bless him!!!

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Walking/Merry HO HO/and Aboricide

Yes....I had my fat self out walking on Christmas day! I made my PF walk in front of me..he is my carrot...and quite a carrot at that! I snapped a picture of the trees that were "arboricide"...not pretty. Please, don't do this to your trees..they are not bushes!
I hope everyone had a wonderful Holiday! We are going to get an apple computer, that is our Christmas present to the family. Our #2 is leaving to spend the next 3 weeks in New Orleans, wish I could go with her. I do love to build, all the tips I could pick up! We had a rather warm Christmas Day....I was sooooo hoping for the white stuff! With that I'll end.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Hooked chair pads and update on house click on picture

I have added more before and after pictures of the house. If you click on the money pit it will take you there. I have always loved the Tree on my table. My grandmother won it in the 60's playing bridge. As a small child I use to beg her for it, she remembered! The lights still work! The chair pads I hooked in the late 90's...I have two more but they are in the kitchen. Forgot to get a picture.....

Monday, December 15, 2008

I'm pathetic

I have gotten really lax (and that is probably spelled wrong) at posting. Time is always flying by. Of course laziness comes to mind too. "We" won't go into that discussion. I need to get my fat arse up and walk, I'll prolong it for 30 minutes just for this. After my walk thing I'll feel so alive and invigorated.....are you kidding? I'll be sweaty and stinky, oh, and my ankles will hurt. Then I have to get the place cleaned, touch up my trim with paint, clean the kitchen, do the unrelenting piles of laundry. Take a shower, get in car, pretend I'm going far far away on an adventure. In reality, it will just be the grocery store.
When the kids were much younger and their brains very gullible....I would always tell them we are going to Hawaii. Of course they believed me...the grocery store was to get our needed supplies. Poor children!
My diarrhea of the mouth is over. I will post an update on my small rug I'm hooking later. I will have to stop and start making another baby quilt.....I'm actually looking forward to that! Walking now .... do you see me? I'm the sexy one with the paint and bleach stained hand print pants, wearing my husbands white socks for gloves...that's me out there..wave.....or not....

Friday, December 12, 2008


I decided to delete my previous post and put up the flower thing.....don't ask.....lets just say it was a very bad day at the OK corral....(work place)

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

The fake tree is up!!!

I finally put the ornament boxes up. I am slowly decorating the rest of the house. If you look close you'll see paint I have to keep in due to the cold. Also, if you click on my money pit house picture I have put before and after pictures. I am trying to update but am busy! Now I have to get my butt in gear and finish cleaning the bedrooms! Next week I'll put down the tree is basically a penny rug..........

Friday, December 5, 2008's a coming

This is from 2 years ago, but it is where I put one tree. It's fake, PF and the children hate me for that! I collect antique Christmas ornaments, actually have many from my Grandmother's tree. I also collect Christopher Radko ornaments, only certain ones...I'm afraid I definitely have a sickness! Hopefully I can post a picture next week..........