Thursday, August 29, 2013

Long time

Update on that long rug I am hooking....I would definitely say I am halfway there!

Monday, August 5, 2013

checking in.........

To see what is happening in  bloglandville.... .. ... Not much....decided against surgery, to many possible this and that might happenSo onward!
I experienced a steroid storm from so many injections, not pretty!  Think that was the last straw so to speak.  So, am going to suck it up and deal with it, that is my motto now.  I might throw in a pity party every now and then ...  
My dawling is dealing with it, poor thing! 

We are planning another cheap get away soon.  Looking forward to it!  Need to get back into hooking that big rug again! The Money pit has been calling of late.  We had to refurbish the deck, the ramp we had built for the MIL is now finally gone replaced with wider deck.  I really don't know why I did it as my "boys" informed me they do not plan to eat out there, bugs.  I bought a very cheap chairs yet.

The old lady (money pit) is getting another face lift...these things are ongoing, age you know...I suppose like some get botox injections, she gets an update.   My bathroom downstairs will be gutted some time soon!  Think art deco small, white and black tiles.  I can not wait! 

Back to blog vacation.........