Monday, May 20, 2013


Yes, it is probably going to happen.........BUT first... "a get ta way" with my dawling to hot, hot Savannah.....just a few more days... 9 to be exact! I had gained 17 fat pounds back but am down 6 pounds of lard.  I can't really work out anymore as my life revolves around PT.  I do plan to pick my annual strawberries and make jam before we leave.  I had to hire someone to paint some touch up type work on the house, that same person is going to gut my downstairs yuk bathroom.  It looks the same as when I took care of the MIL from hell.  I can not wait for this to happen!  I am having my shower built with tile....can we say art deco! A pocket door, it will be marvelous!  Then new wood floors in the dinning floor can finally be leveled, no more putting wood things under my furniture!  I also have an update of that rug but forgot to load on this computer.....later...................the cows are so happy!

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Just something

Happy Mother's Day to all the Moms of the world!  I will be working, but I am going on a much needed vacation the end of the month!  Not to the cold part of the country but warmer...........
My dawling has a conference, so I am tagging along.........

I am getting my cuff injected again tomorrow.........I'm not a drinking sort of gal, but maybe they should inject hard liquor, think it'll work? Or inject it into my brain, into the small overworked, under paid brain cells that are slowly atrophying.......(is that spelled correctly, do I care?)  The alcohol will enhance the decaying of the cells, therefore I can melt into well, do I dare say, confusion!  I will end this meaningless discussion...............The bird agrees!