Friday, April 24, 2009

Bad girl... Bad Bad girl or Bad Bad ole woman...

I have been a very bad old woman today...but it was progress!! I had a large pile of slate rocks so I decided to move them...borders for the gardens. I took two of my favorite pills in the whole world.....perin tablets (Excedrin)...and worked from 08:45 to 14:20. Call me stupid...why? because I am! WE are in the process of putting in plants and bushes and etc...for the front two sides of the house. No, I will not be doing that..hired that job out......anything for the economy....anyway I am under the gun to get some plants moved....borders fixed...etc...
So, I have burned my oh, so delicate fair skin to beet RED. My neck is throbbing and I have a rather interesting sort of electrification of needles shooting from my neck to the tops of my shoulders, down my arms..... It keeps me on my toes....
I will be very noticeable at work......

Tuesday, April 21, 2009


I never feel this cold, never! I had so much yard work to do and now......seems I have hurt my neck. I forgot to take my perin tablet. So now, I have to get XR of said neck...I refused a CT...too much radiation and I don't want to glow. I will go for some PT, but... well...yours truly doesn't like mushing and pushing on self. I am hoping it is not a disc as that would be very bad for me. My Mr. PF has constant pain in his back, so I try to do all the lifting etc... It is such a pain to have one's body start to age. I hope this pity party is ending has, I feel better...hope you do too!

Friday, April 17, 2009

More of Bard

The top picture is called Manor Hall at Bard College. We had a sampling of shall we say...hummmm interesting food? I have clicked something that makes things get just ignore......pretend it is for decoration?

Can anyone figure out what the other two pictures are? It is a remarkable building (structure).

It has rained all week and now that it is time for work it is BEAUTIFUL outside! I will be in a cave at least and not maybe a good thing.

I have to get self out to waddle now. Will post an update to my Golden rug....nearly finished.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

picture of wool

Sorry, it took so long to post a picture of the wool I got from Heavens to Betsy. Here it is...Believe me I got more yardage than shown....they will be dyed...soon and will post picture.

Off to work..............

Tuesday, April 14, 2009


I just finished viewing one of the best movies....normally I don't "tell" people to rent,buy or go to a movie I like. My gosh...this movie is hands down one of the best. I prefer 1930's to 1960's if this one impressed me...'ll have to see for yourself! Turn your sound on when you click the link to see the trailer.

The Fountain

Thursday, April 9, 2009

It'a Thursday and

I took today and Friday off! I have been moving plants around in the yard and cutting the grass. Now I will add more silly info regarding our trip to Bard.......

I love going to this restaurant in Hyde Park. The food is very shall "we" say high caloric? The chocolate chip cookies are so good! I got the #2 maybe 10 and ate 4.....they were very small to my large mouth. Plus, we went walking every day, even in the rain!

We also went to see Heavens to Betsy for .... yes.....more wool yardage. What a delightful place! It was only 15 minutes from #2 will be getting me more wool....after I dye this!
Click on the link to go to her store. You can pay on can see the wool! I'll take some pictures of the wool I got in the next post.....can you wait?

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

OK some more

We had a lovely meal here.... I do love Rhinebeck, does take dollars to "do" the town...soooo we kind of, sort of do a drive thru thing . My Mr. PF and I split our dinner, (and always drink just H2O) so saved quit a bit....we forced the #2 to get whatever...she is looking mighty thin! The town has a wonderful bake shop... I bought cookies and bread for my #2.
No, I'm not done yet......

another post and another

In the first picture notice the dark against the light and the color composition......are you you care...I am. I was trying to take a picture of a building but continued to turn the damn camera off. I kept pushing the wrong button. We would of had many more lovely, artful? beautiful pictures...instead...I pushed the off button for the "take picture now" button..........The last picture...she doesn't care for the class....I think it's good, but I also push the off button on a simple camera to take pictures......

continuing on and on...

We miss our Miss.......our only girl of 4 children. First a side shot.... I was trying to get the whole picture going here....can you see the cans and plastic?

Back to the trip......

As one can see the weather is clear, but cool...perfect for yours truly. The top picture is on the main road going into Bard College.

"We" meaning Mr. PF and self went to see "The daughter"

Our trip to Bard and beyond......
We are driving handicapped as Mr. PF had surgery on his right eye... way back in February. I've enclosed a close up for the gross is better.....