Tuesday, April 21, 2009


I never feel this cold, never! I had so much yard work to do and now......seems I have hurt my neck. I forgot to take my perin tablet. So now, I have to get XR of said neck...I refused a CT...too much radiation and I don't want to glow. I will go for some PT, but... well...yours truly doesn't like mushing and pushing on self. I am hoping it is not a disc as that would be very bad for me. My Mr. PF has constant pain in his back, so I try to do all the lifting etc... It is such a pain to have one's body start to age. I hope this pity party is ending soon...it has, I feel better...hope you do too!


Robin said...

Aging body -- I hear ya sista!

V said...

I wouldn't make you glow!

JoJo said...

Lindy, are you feeling any better yet? How's the neck?

This all reminds me of something my Dad always said to me. "Getting old ain't for sissies." I know this is said a lot but I'm sure finding it to be true.

But I was thinking of you this morning and wondering how you're doing.