Thursday, April 9, 2009

It'a Thursday and

I took today and Friday off! I have been moving plants around in the yard and cutting the grass. Now I will add more silly info regarding our trip to Bard.......

I love going to this restaurant in Hyde Park. The food is very shall "we" say high caloric? The chocolate chip cookies are so good! I got the #2 maybe 10 and ate 4.....they were very small to my large mouth. Plus, we went walking every day, even in the rain!

We also went to see Heavens to Betsy for .... yes.....more wool yardage. What a delightful place! It was only 15 minutes from #2 will be getting me more wool....after I dye this!
Click on the link to go to her store. You can pay on can see the wool! I'll take some pictures of the wool I got in the next post.....can you wait?

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