Monday, February 23, 2009

This and that agin?

Well, lets see, what do I write today? I am nearly done with a small (very small) rug for a table or something. It was actually a sweet birthday gift from a rughooker 5 years ago. I remember...cause that is when I turned 50. I will post a picture when done..who knows maybe by the end of the week?

I made a rather simple, cheap dinner tonight for the "4 boys". You wonder..what was it? OK, I'll tell...only because of the pressure. Beans and rice with a side of gross sausages..yuk! Hey, they loved it...who cares. I saute an onion and garlic, threw in black beans.....then took it all out and put in some gross red wine that has been dedicated to the cooking area. Put it all back and mixed. Here is the easy part....minute rice, yes minute rice...they love it... I used the low sodium chicken broth added more water then the rice....follow directions on the box....EASY! In the mean time fried the yuk sausages separately. Done and I mean DONE. Left it on the stove, told them boys come and get this "stuff". I came back down after cleansing my soul and hair with the wonderful La'Occitane...gone... they ate it all! Now, if I had busted butt on a fancy dancy meal....their noses would be soooo high. Goes to show....whatever that saying is that my brain can't remember because it is old!!!!

A funny movie I rented... Keeping Mum..... wonderful..dry it has that wonderful "Mr. Bean" in it!

Seems like that is enough wasted space......till next time.....

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JoJo said...

Don't you just love the male of the species? Different and strange, they are! But then again, Lindy, it doesn't sound half bad. Of course, anything I don't have to cook myself is always better....!! LOL.