Monday, November 3, 2008

This N that

Life has been on the busy side here in the "valley". My #3 got a part time job in a family owned book store. Life is getting better for him! He is still taking 7 credits at our local community college. Next semester we are thinking he might be able to handle 9 credits!

My PF has had a go with the damn kidney stones again! He can go for months then boom.... Poor thing! I will tell a "secret" (no one tell) once a long time ago...well about 2 years ago...he had to have stents placed. Those that go down that is painful..either way! OK, OK, get back on track..... WELLLLLLLL...he went back into the urologist office and (I am evil at times...forgive me I couldn't resist) You women out there, you know those damn stirrups on the table...are you starting to get the picture? NO? Well, I told him he had to put his feet in them, for the procedure. when said physician came in Mr. PF put feet in stirrups and all hell broke loose...thee doctor looked at me and cracked up, Mr PF turned bright red and well I nearly peed on myself. Sometimes I kill myself...............Remember don't tell....................

I have joined/started a cleaning focus group, only I belong to it. The house on the outside is getting better. It has taken nearly 4 years and all the windows have been replaced. The porch floor is also getting replaced with tong and groove fir (spelling is not my forte).

We go to Bard College on the 10Th or late very late November 9Th to see #2's art display. Yes, pictures will be taken...............until the next odd moment...............
Oh, I am working on a small rug for a table top...will post later..


Trudy said...

OMG, I can just picture your poor PF with his feet in the stirrups.
Thanks for the giggle:)

Can't wait to see the mat you are working on.

Wooly hugs,


Robin said...

Boy, you are evil! I bet he wished he could sink through the table!

JoJo said...

Lindy, you're another one to whom I can say "I don't know how you get it all done!"

My sympathy to PF and his kidney stones. My adult son gets them on occasion and from the look of him, it's a bear. I've heard the pain is the closest a man can come to the pain of childbirth. But the stirrups?? Too funny!!!

Lindy said...

Yes, I AM evil...but I just could not resist! It still cracks me up when I think about it! I have done other things..evil, yes evil but in a funny way. Trust me, he has gotten me back in more ways than one. I will post on that one close to his the big 60 looms.