Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Retro apron

My daughter (#2 ) wanted a retro apron...well I am in the process of sewing it. She had picked out the material earlier. I have got to get it done before the 8th, which doesn't leave me much time. Not to worry #2 it will happen......
Sweet PF comes home Friday night, thank heavens, as I have missed him! He saw alot of destruction with the trees in Baton Rouge. For those wondering his job title, State Urban and Community Forest Coordinator as well as task specialist and team leader for the urban forest strike team (which is what he is doing now)..............in other words he is a tree hugging, environmental lover. OK I said it...not much in the way of salary, we can thank the present party in office as they do not believe in environmental issues.......I'll get off my soapbox now.

Tree teams work to save South's storm-hit canopies
In the wake of Katrina, which brought down 1,800 trees in Mobile alone in 2005, foresters across the South decided to do something about the threat.
They formed "urban forest strike teams" in most Southern states to help communities evaluate and save damaged trees after a storm. They also provide guidance on what kind of trees to plant and how to prune them to reduce wind damage.
"We're right now talking about Baton Rouge, where a large area got hammered" by Hurricane Gustav on Sept. 1, said Eric A. Kuehler, a technology specialist with Athens, Ga.-based Urban Forestry South, a part of the U.S. Department of Agriculture. The teams will "look at hazard trees that didn't completely fail, but have cracks."
While debris removal begins almost immediately after a storm passes through, the urban foresters try to keep that cleanup from extending to trees that can be saved.
"After a storm people get chain-saw happy and cut everything down," Kuehler said

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