Wednesday, September 10, 2008


I haven't been on much as of late. My youngest has a viral bug affecting his stomach and head. At first, he told me that my food had given him food poison. I'm was, repeat WAS feeling terrible and guilty doing such a thing. My brain went duh, you idiot, no one else is sick with the BIG D, pukes, and headache. I found that it is going from child to child at the, I like to call them. Hand washing has become a lost art with the youngest. He actually was feeling better this past Sunday, then PF cooked the dinner (remember, I don't stay here on the and he got sick all over again. This time it appears worse....I think I am going to pop a liter of fluid in him. Sometimes having a nurse for a mom can be a good thing or bad, depends on your opinion I suppose..................

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