Friday, June 13, 2008

This and that....

I am taking a breather, wasting time, tick tock, tick tock....... I got in around 11pm from work last night. PF is out of town. Son #1 asked me to make sure he got up by 5:15AM...I say sure why not.... So I get him up then can't get back to is now maybe 6:30. I get up clean the kitchen, start a load of never ending laundry and change into my very sexy walking clothes. It's cloudy today so no hat. Do that damn walk thing. Realize I need to get the van to the car place for an oil change. Quick shower, take my wet uncombed hair and throw it in a rather strange bun with the antenna's(combs). I'm off..... I have to NOW get ready for work. Son#4 is going to Nature Camp for two weeks, he leaves Sunday. PF has to come back from his top secret job take #4 to the camp. Unfortunately, we will have to celebrate Dad's day on Monday. When #1 was much younger he asked why couldn't we celebrate children's day..good question...I told him EVERY day was children's day...I don't think he believed me?

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