Friday, June 13, 2008

The killer weekend

I have just gotten home, maybe an hour ago and I should be in bed asleep. I am messing with this blog. I dread the weekends...realllyyyy I dooooo . I am kind of job specific and work alone, which is good and bad. I have arguments with myself and I always win..that is a good thing..but then the no break no lunch..well..that is a half good thing, I refer to the eating. Now getting off subject..this is my blog thing so who cares? I have gotten bursitis in my left heel...who the hell gets bursitis in their heel of all places?? Tell me pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeee! I do not ware crazy shoes with heels I only ware Z-coils..maybe Z-coil people will see this ad and give me another pair of these babies, as they are not, I repeat, not cheap. I do write in run on sentences. The end for now.

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