Monday, January 3, 2011

Still busy

I have my first cattle scale weigh in this Wednesday......I have been either out of town or too darn busy. The unfortunate aspect of not going to cattle scale will be major major weight gain!!!! I tried....truly! BUT...I start my gym membership tomorrow and that will be wonderful! I can go as early as 05:30! I am working more hours of late, which gives me nil to no time for self. I work evenings on Wednesdays too...this week I am pulling awful awful hours!!!!! Thursday and Friday I will be working from 07:00 to 21:00...and since I live about 65 Minutes from my job tack that on too!

My sweet child #3 had arm surgery on the 23rd of December, so has a cast from his shoulder to hand. On top of that his birthday was the 29Th......we have told him when he feels better we'll celebrate in true form!

I have posted pictures of child #2's quilt finally finished!! This was suppose to be done last May for her graduation from college. Better late than never!!!!!!! I machine quilted the damn thing myself!! It is bigger than a full size but a tad smaller than a queen.

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Jacque. said...

Lindy...the quilt is absolutely beautiful! I love your use of color...awesome! Good luck at the weigh-in. I'm not looking forward to mine, but have a good attitude regarding keeping on. ha!