Wednesday, December 22, 2010


I am BUSY!!!! My number 3 son has surgery on his right arm ...again....12/23/10....very early in the AM. I will be there holding his hand, the lioness watching her me on that!

I have been cooking like a swirly fool ... and you know what.......I lost .6pounds this week! Due to the snow and other appointments I have not been able to waddle. I did join a gym and I start in January 2011. A gift to myself.....I have hopes of ditching another 10 pounds or more by my birthday in mid February!

The dawling is on his way up North picking up our number 2 child and number 4 child. It will be a marvelous Christmas!

Hope everyone that reads this insignificant piece of droll has a wondrous holiday!

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Jacque. said...

Ohhhh, Lindy. Sounds like you will have the best holiday celebration! Enjoy the family. You're doing well on your plan...and what a nice gift to yourself! You go, girl!