Thursday, September 16, 2010

Bad and some good

I gained .2 stinking pounds this week! (one of those skinny people told me that was a small cellphone....I just looked at her)

The good news....I am running one entire mile! (That my friends is a true miracle!) The cows are shocked, they look at me funny.....a young redneck wannabe was cruising by in his red pickup....veered over to my side, after passing, looking in his rear view mirror at my "jogginess".......I waved! Of course it takes 3 miles of my straight waddle walk, then I flip into run drive ...after a mile of run time, click back to waddle.....not bad for a 56 year old fatty!

On another note....a dear someone emailed me the news that my small community (involving only the womenfolk) has been getting terrorized by a "mooner". He was actually caught in the act in front of our post office...the one I go by near the end of my 5 miles. I was never mooned, I would like to know if was based on my waddle, my age? I was rather disappointed! Although I must admit I feel so much better that this "mooner" has been caught! Life in the back-roads and rack-roads of our Valley.........

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