Wednesday, March 10, 2010

The big weight loss is...

OK, I shocks...yes... another 1.2 pounds.......It is a loss and so far every week since the first week of January... (when I started down this road) I have lost....for that.... I am happy BUT at the rate I am going.....I will be dead in the to speak! I am at least back up to 2 miles per day in my waddle to get back to 6 miles per day.......On a side note...I beat the dawling this week.......he only lost .4 pounds!


Brenis said...

I know, I feel the same way!! But keep telling myself at least i'm going in the right direction! LOL!
and my hubby will lose 10 pounds in two weeks... and here i am at 1.5 for 2 weeks! Holy crap!! It's sooo frustrating! I still have 25lbs to go - have since october - and hit a massive plateau - I am stuck at this weight! :( But... persevere I must! And finally as of yesterday I had dropped my first pound in months! Dang, hope I am finally breaking this standstill now!! You can do it!! Slow and steady wins the race! (yah right, but we wanna lose it NOW!!! LOL)

Lindy said...

Are you on ww? I actually like the diet and the point thing! If I had to write all the food down, not so much, thank heavens for the computer! I know slow and steady wins the race....just want to be there at the end already! In another meeting (our fine leader heads)there is a lady that dropped 188 pounds...took her 3 years and all she cared about was losing something every week. So, am grateful that I am losing!