Wednesday, December 30, 2009


Due to the amount of snow my walking has been curtailed of late. Of course, that could be an excuse? So, I have decided to try a well worn diet...weight lose weight...I will start this evening....I love to cook and truly LOVE to eat what I cook...does that make sense? (My sweet daughter has informed me that I am a foodie...I will have to be a diet foodie?) I'm throwing this out there to make me and me alone accountable for this eating that I do. My children will have to go along on this venture with me...meaning the sweets and baking of such will some sort of degree? It will be too tempting and my willpower is, shall we say "weak"? I have to lose 50 damn stinky pounds but want to get more wonderful physician has informed me not to see it as such...take it a pound at a every Wednesday I will post the poundage lost...the gain(please no) and the no I know this happens.......Join me on my journey to diet hell....won't you?


kstehens100 said...

2 years ago I lost 35 pounds and have kept it off. But I would like to loose 15-20 more pounds and I think I will get motivation from you. My thought process is to break it into 5 pound increments and really praise myself when I hit one of these milestones. The praise may be a massage, an outfit, visiting a special place, etc. Looking forward to this blog and your sharing. Kathy

Lindy said...

Good for you!
Come on board!
Slow but sure....