Thursday, February 13, 2014

The BIG snow

So far we have 16 inches....might pick up one to three by the end of the day.  As of now the snow has stopped!
I turn 60 this Saturday, my brain says NO WAY, my body says, "YES way!"

  I want that snake ring sooooo bad!!!!!!!
Updated my long rug
Picture of Max...used salt brine mix to clean deck for dogs.  The devil, poop eating Digby!


Jacque. said...

oh are really getting hit with the snow! The rug is looking good...I love the color you're using. The big now! And, dang cute! 60...yes, I hear ya there! In my head I am still 30 something. haha. Happy Birthday tomorrow! You should have a package waiting for you from me...your 'almost birthday twin'. xo

Tammy Burks said...

Lindy, that is SOME rug!! I love how you hook it from end to end....I'm never that disciplined....I always hook around a little bit everywhere. I think I used to follow your blog and then when I started "non-blogging" for a while I must have lost track of you. Glad you stopped by and said hi :) I also throw my rugs in the washing machine and none of mine have rotted or fallen apart either. I feel like we are rebels....that live with dogs, and man, you HAVE to wash those rugs!! Spot clean my ass :)
Adding you to my blog roll, as I'm loving sitting here this morning and looking back at your older posts, but I'm running out of time and now my hair is going to dry funny!!!