Friday, February 25, 2011

Yep still sick

I called in sick for tonight, first time in 2 years since my last call other words if I call in, I am sick, sick , sick!!!!!!!!! I detest head colds, I hate the way the mucous takes over your head! It flows from every orifice, which is more information than we all need...........I roam from room to room, looking at this and that, with my beloved bottle of "Nykill", slugging back that stuff..... feeling higher than a mucous plug....did I say I love that stuff? It is wonderful, delightful, and well, I love it......did I say that before? I am going to wander around this big ole house of mine ...........If no one hears from me I left to get some more "nykill"............... (Plus, I love that book!)

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Jacque. said...

ohhhh, you poor thing. You must really be sick! As I know you said you were. ick. Poor you. Well, take it easy and relax and try to rest. Try, being the operative word. And...the book? Never heard of it, so looked it up...looks very interesting! And, bizarre. {grin}