Thursday, August 27, 2009

short get-ta-way to see the daughter

Well, we had an enlightening trip to see the daughter. We helped move her from one student mold infested slum to another dirty (not mold infested) student slum. She and 3 others are renting "this old downstairs part of a house" living off campus this year. I really wanted to clean that place up...but the old students were moving out and were responsible for cleaning their mess. I wish I had money to rent her a decent place...but Bard college is not cheap...nor is the area...the student slums are ridiculous! In fact the owner of this house is a slum landlord as far as I am concerned!
We as always love to see our baby girl! Miss that child sooo much! We went to see the movie Julia and Julia, it was wonderful, wish you were there movie! My darling, darling man of a husband even liked it! I just love Julia Child.....I always watched her cooking show on PBS. Plus, I love to cook and it shows, if you get my drift........reason for the never ending walk a thons.
I hated to come home and face it always slams me in the face. My darling, darling finally passed his hell fire stone...Amen to that ordeal! Til the next time.....
So I will leave with a few pictures of our very short 3 days, 2 nights...vacation? I need to add that my man insisted that I take pictures of the washing machines. He informed me that he had spent more times in laundromats than I. Well let me interject something right here, right now...NO WAY! I loaded the clothes in the top dryers...Mr. know it all....put the money in the bottom dryers.....I love him..................Oh, and then started telling me poop stories...yeah..that's right all about poo......maybe he was bored?

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