Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Lovely lemon pie

I have finally created the meringue I have always seen in restaurants.....this is my masterpiece for dessert. I also have a freshly killed, milk fed, 7 week old chicken cooking. Sorry all you vegan kitchen smells like heaven! I stuffed that bird with all my herbs and the Meyer lemon's skin(used those for the pie). Those lemons were 99cents a piece....well worth it as they taste terrific. I walked this morning so lets hope for no pukes. The meringue was made possible by fresh free range eggs and this wonderful machine. Look off to your left and once more you'll see the masterpiece. Thank you, thank you!


Robin said...

That pie looks delicious! Check out my blog to see my news!

Trudy said...

MMMmmm, I wish that I could reach right in and grab that pie. I have a kitchenaid as well, and let me tell you, if my house was on fire, I would be grabbing that mixer to take with me:)

Lindy said...

I hug mine every chance I get!