Monday, August 18, 2008

Son #3

This one is all about son #3..... Anyone that has a child with Asperger's syndrome or any disability knows from where I am coming from. Today he started back to our local community college. He actually started this past spring and took 7 credits....this fall he is only taking 6 credits. This will be a hard semester as he is taking the required English, he has been stressing over that...... I have my fingers crossed as he has many obstacles. If the teacher is really nice but looks like the bitch from hell, it is over..if he/she has an edge to their voice it is over...get my drift? I have always given him my cell phone it was written into his IEP at school and (he did graduate with an advanced degree and took some A/P classes..a smart cookie) I am his Prozac. call yet. What a run on sentence, my grandmother is turning over times two in her grave. He has a note taker and special accommodations but still it is a worry. If you ever have a chance to rent a movie please get Mozart and the Whale, with Josh Hartnett and Radha Mitchell. The boy that Josh plays reminds me so much of my son! He has the walk down to a tee! Son #3 does not obsess about math but LOVES history and loves Kenjustu (the art of the sword), he goes for his black belt this spring. He can answer any question on anything, just pulls it out of that brain of his...amazes me to no end. On the other end crowds freak him out and if he knows you but you change something like hair, mustache, etc...he will walk right past you. He gave me an article about how aspies think of faces as stones..he sees them as an item not a face. He can not read emotions, but is the most loving and insightful child, at least to myself, his Dad, and his other 2 brothers and sister... Which brings me to PF, god bless that man! He has made son #3 his mission, I can't go into specifics as I always get too teary eyed and well, it would be a mess with the snot and all that stuff! So, I will sit here and wait for my call........................


Miz T. said...

There are so many problems that kids can have, and asberger's and autism are two of the hardest for people to comprehend. I have worked with a child for years with aspergers (finally diagnosed last year). She found her controls her moods by drawing. It's amazing how your approach with children can instantly be judged as positive or negative. You are an intensly strong woman to deal with everything you have going on in your life. Sometimes all you can do is just keep breathing. We can all learn from your example.

Lindy said...

Thanks, My children give me great joy...son #3 touches my soul. The other 3 children touch my heart. It has been hard for them. People in the public are very judgemental. He will have a hard time in his life, we just hope to soften it somehow.