Wednesday, August 20, 2008


Life can be so unfair especially with a disability! My son looks normal, but does not act "normal" really pisses me off how people just don't get it!!!!!!!! I am going to scream, now, very loud...can anyone hear me...that was loud! His English comp instructor at the college just does not get it! Here we go again..another fight. Got to go pick him up....he is extremely upset! Frankly, so am I.


JoJo said...

Lindy, my heart breaks for you and your son. I have some physical disabilities but have never dealt with Asperger's or autism. There's no greater love than that which a mother has for her child and it must be terribly difficult and frustrating to watch your son being hurt.

Lindy said...

Thanks JOJO
I was letting off steam...He tries but lacks in social skills...Plus he takes everything literally...he believes whatever you say...etc... He also suffers from hypertension, so I hate it when he is stressed. Just know that I thank you. Take care of yourself.

lorrie said...

Boy can I identify. My husband has aspergers and there are times it becomes quite overwhelming.

My son from my 1st marriage has no short term memory and I hear the frustration there also as you talk about school, I have heard the comment,but he looks normal, grrrr!! he made it through 1 year of college but quit, because he did not like feeling different and the frustration of trying to work with some of the teachers. Now 3 years later he is talking of going back.

Hang in there,
p.s. I love your blog and seeing you on wool snippets


Lindy said...


I feel your pain! My Dad was never dx with Asperger's but am pretty sure he has it too. Each person dx with Asperger's syndrome is NOT the same. You can not put them all in the same box. Which is why so many just don't get it! My son has NO social skills and has a heavy load of OCD on board, along with a dislike for water. That makes cleaning an issue, no a nightmare! We all just keep on...He has high dreams that I hope come true but then the humans get involved....