Monday, July 7, 2008

No plumber but rug pictures...

The 2 rugs to the left are in the living room.
The willow tree is Emma Lou.
The pumpkins are Emma Lou and the big rug is from Monika AKA forkartlanding.
Then I have two rugs from Vermont folk rugs....not the same house thank you very much.
Threw in picture of snowman I put on door in winter..VERY
easy to sew. I never color plan just start..mistakes, yes, but who cares..they are to be walked on! The end.


Miccosukee said...

Seems we have similar taste in Vermont Folk Art rugs. I have the same two rugs you have, but only the one star spangled animals, the one with the cat, fox and dog. It in my to-do-stack.

Thanks for the inspirations. All your rugs are so beautiful. Guess with that big a house you need a lot of rugs. Love the Monica Jones oe. Which one is it?

Unlike you, I doubt any of mine with end up on the floor. I have a small house and already have some nice old rugs that have filled the void so far. I guess I will know more as I finish them.


Lindy said...

Thanks Trisha.

The pattern's name...drum roll....Pomegranates Pineapples and Padulas ....I just love her patterns. I really don't do much time...most of the wool is "as is". The pumpkin rug has been peed on by all 3 dogs, more than I care to count. It is monks cloth and I put in washer then the one scream too loud....


Sheri said...

Did I read this right? You put a rug in the washer and dryer? I am just now able to put one on the floor. The other day it was raining and my son came to the front door (which we NEVER use-that's why I put the rug there) anyway... he stepped in and picked up the rug and laid it on the loveseat so as not to step on it!!!
Really??? It didn't ruin it in the washer?
You're a brave girl!!

Lindy said...

Yes, I put the pumpkin rug in the washer and drier many many times! Actually quite a few of them. I put all my rugs on the floor, that is what they are hooked for. Same thing with my quilts....I make things to use, not to look at. The same as with my antiques...if I can't use them forget it.

Netai Biswas said...
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