Friday, October 4, 2013

Baltimore album

We had a wonderful getaway.....NOT long enough!   I fell in love with the quilt at Winterthur in Delaware

And....I could not contain myself...yes...I bought the pattern...I love piecing by needle...fabric and scissors.  I hope to start soon but then who am I fooling...I have 50 million rugs to hook and 10 million quilts to can dream! More pictures

The last is the best.....I love my dawling so much...he planned this for me...everything that I would love.  Everything!!! Old historic mansions, textiles, beautiful gardens, hand holding walks......even with my gimp leg and shoulder! 


Jacque. said...

What a sweetie your dawling is! Love the photos. I laughed when I read you bought the pattern...that is one gorgeous quilt, for sure! And, there is definitely something to be said for sitting and stitching. I wish you the best with it. Am sure you will more than do it justice. You rock!! xo

Dawn said...

What a fun trip. So many treasure to see. I would have purchased the pattern too.