Tuesday, February 21, 2012


It seems my dawling is having stone babies again......poor thing.  I stayed up for almost 30 hours straight, too old for that, just too old!  I felt like I had been on a bender, and I don't drink!  I just got the dawling back this afternoon and he will have a Lithotripsy scheduled soon, his second one.  
I wish I could bring my hooking with me but alas, I can only hook in a chair with the stand.  I have tried sitting in a comfy chair with just the frame and it just doesn't work for me...........

I have made some progress on the rug but will post pictures next week.  I am sure everyone is sitting on the edge of their seat.  

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Jacque. said...

oh, poor Lindy. Hope you're getting some sleep now. And, that your poor dawling will better. I, for one, love to watch your progress with your hooking (rug). Take care.