Monday, October 19, 2009

Our Adventure

WE had an extremely "eventful" adventure on our "get the hell out of dodge" for a few days.

1. First night wonderful...somewhere in PA.

2. Snowy, but nice drive to not so good motel in Hyde Park. We had put in our reservation 2 months ago and specifically said "NO" Smoking room. So..... we were put in a smoking room that was so high in the smoke emissions... we felt like smokers the next day. (we needed a detox program) I think we slept maybe 3 hours, periodically we had to open our door and step outside to breathe oxygen. Due to Bard's parent weekend and the wool and sheep festival nothing else was available. We woke very early, did the waddle walk and packed our things. No way were we going to stay another night....finally another room became available and we moved.

3. Got to meet Laurie, was very short visit. She did get a photo, we will all pray! Unfortunately, we were meeting the daughter and we were under time constraints. Plus the husband was getting hungry.

4. After a very fun, but hectic day at the sheep and wool thing....(did I mention I really don't do crowds well)....we headed back to our now smoke free room. We then got back in the van to cook dinner for our #2 at her shared apartment/house. This is when the trouble started. I saw this creature on My dawlings driver side....the dawling slowed down....the dawling started to veer a wee bit right, (you know, trying to avoid the deer but kill the wife thing).....I saw a ditch and trees....on my side....and then started the scream.....hit the damn deer...hit the damn deer. Well, we hit said deer front on.....that animal tore our bumper to hell, dented the hood, both headlights were cracked. You know what, the deer ran off... I on the other hand was a bad bad girl and did not have my seat-belt on.... so... got a nasty whiplash, hit my knee,and somehow turned my ankle. No... we did not go to hospital...what was the point? Many perin tablets later I am feeling better. We (me) did make the dinner....

5. Sunday was better we ate our breakfast at a truly unique diner in Red Hook, that I have now fallen in love with. The moment you walk in, throw your arms up and say real fast "to hell with the caloric intake!!!!!"

6. Pictures enclosed...will add a few a day for all to enjoy!

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Robin said...

AH MAN! I want to go to Rhinebeck! So sorry to hear of your deer incident. I'm afraid that's gonig to happen to be one of these days/nights. Everytime I come home after dark, and sometimes before, I see deer along the road.