Thursday, March 19, 2009

Hellooooooo it's me

Remember that song from Lionel Richie? It popped into my brain, that is how it is sometimes. I have been busy.
Mr. PF is away in Kentucky, for 10 days mind you. I can't sleep very well unless the ole man is beside me. So, I toss and turn lots! I was hoping he would be able to stop in Paduka, as the fabric store lives there.
I don't think it will happen...but I am ready with my list just in case!
I have been researching many colleges...again, as of late! Our baby graduates in 2010. He thinks engineering is what he wants. Our daughter was somewhat more mature in the getting together all the info and narrowing it down. I've decided with 3 boys and the one girl that YES...girls are more mature! When Mr. PF gets back we plan a quick trip to Bard to see Miss daughter then hit the road with the young one to check out a few colleges.
Now, I must get fat waddling self out to walk on this lovely day....

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