Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Boring post

I am having a very blah type day. The body is lazy...I have my excuse, snowing outside. I need to take pictures and post on this new computer. Always forget to do that! The youngest #4 is off school (he loves that), the #3 got off from work and did not have any classes scheduled, the #1 is sick but this is his day off anyway.....we are all acting like yard dogs....
Mr. PF is out of state and his motel lost electric due to an ice storm. So his meeting is with candle light. He has no water either, so I'm sure they all smell like roses wrapped in satin bows. I always hate it when he isn't here, sometimes........??
The dogs are just doing their dog thing...sleeping. So, this is my boring post...are you still here, or sleeping?

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Jacque said...

Hey Lindy...it's our birthday month! YAY!!! Time to get moving, for sure. No more bein' lazy here! (yeah, right!)